If you think you know everything, you really haven’t been paying attention.


The Current World: I think it’s difficult to find common ground when we can’t even agree on which direction the ground is and whether it’s on a round planet or not (it is). Start with facts, and then primary beliefs that can’t be proven or disproved, and work from there I guess. In the meantime, try to hurt others as little as you can manage.

Design & Art: For me, Art is expression and beauty and perception and the interplay therein. Design, on the other hand, is something else. Design can be artful. It can be beautiful and expressive, and most definitely utilizes perception. However, where Art is expression, Design is a solution. As such, every solution requires a good problem. So, the first step is to discover and understand the problem. Then, Design can step in and artfully solve it. Discuss.



I’m currently a happily employed UX Designer at one of the world’s biggest companies in one of the smallest design groups in the industry trying to encourage a culture of being best for the world in addition to being the best in the world. Often seen as opposing goals, I’d argue they can feed each other in a virtuous cycle. So far, it seems to be working:)


Quick Thought

As of July 2016, the world was estimated to have 7,323,187,457 people on it. Here’s to having faith at least one of us can figure out how to create a society that lets us be creatively free, physically & emotionally safe, and mentally sound on a planet that so far, seems to be the nicest one in …


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